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All of us have a tiny author deep inside but to carry it forward to write a 250 odd page fiction and further be adventurous to publish it , is a mammoth task. It is lot like never ran even 100 Mtrs kind going for a 42 Km marathon. If I am to believe the author during my private interaction with him, writing fiction was lot easier for him than getting it published. I do hope, second book and thereafter, it would be lot easier for him. He knows the ropes now.

The narration is spell binding, pacy and surely an indicative that author's writing skills are top notch. Having read first there books by Chetan Bhagat , I am only tempted to draw a parallel between these two. I strongly feel Cdr Taprial writing style is surely in the same league.

The plot largely revolves around few known instances woven together with bollywood kind of masala. In addition, I am also tempted to draw parallels between few fictious characters and some real life Naval officers.

 I personally think, author has taken too many liberties with Lt Cdr Rajen (WMO on board sunk ship Vijay).. he perhaps did not factor that - a techie is a second grade Naval citizen and can not even forward bias an LED without higher approval. The character of Lt Nidhi is adorable, I simply loved her.. Just thinking aloud, where was this spunky variety when I was looking for a girl to get married to?

As regards romance , it was apt and shown in 1960 hindi movies i.e two flowers coming together to show love !! but like most fictions , narrations of steamy acts performed within confines of four wall were completely missing. The fight sequence narration was lengthy and best candidates for fast forward. I am rather surprised a techie could kill 4 guys one after another in a crowded train between Pune an Mumbai and escape arrest by police to continue rest of the story !! If this story ever gets made into a movie , Alshay Kumar and Lara Dutta would be my start cast.

Overall, I see a great potential in this author. If I felt that Chetan Bhagat could round off all his narrations , Cdr Taprial's writing style is no less , in times to come , if he pursues writing , I see a parallel and equally worthy writer in him. Chetan Bhagat watch out !!!

I would urge all those reading this post to get hold of this book.. It is a worth reading and strongly recommended. At this juncture, having read and very much appreciated the effort, I would wait to see what the author writes next. It better be a non-naval plot ... that shall surely be an acid test for him as a fiction writer. Chetan Bhagat was also too good in a familiar territory of IIT Delhi in his first Novel (5 point someone) .... thereafter he degenerated.

Also, post reading this fiction, I'm more aware of a possibility (however remote) of a potential Ismail / Ibrahim in fellows I daily deal with. I also imagine there would be more folks reporting imagined / otherwise episodes. At the risk of being kicked out of house by my wife, out of sheer curiosity , I do plan to go there to see if there are Lt Nidhi kinds yet around.

On a serious note, the fiction may actually be a reality, albeit at much smaller scale. However small, it is a trouble at hand.

Security is a safety net only for those who want to play by rules.. good part, most play by rules ... however , a minuscule doesn't.... that is trouble.

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