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Hi my name is Rajendra Singh Latwal and big fan of thriller novels.Last month i was going to banglore from delhi,at delhi airport while going through the book shelf at store i bought this novel.I did not went through the reviews before purchasing it.I just wanted to give it a try and i was totally surprised after reading the novel.This is such a interesting ,fast paced,well written novel that i finished it within two days and i really enjoyed it.I would not compare Varinder with other novelist,i just want to congrats him for witting such good enjoyable novel. Thanks Varinder and hope that in future you will come up with such good stories again.Thanks & regards

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -        Rajendra Latwal

So engrossing, that I got late for office two days in a row!

Racy, fast paced and action packed. Reminded me of Alistair Mclean   -             Priya

Racy and pulsating - and great flow for a first novel!! Lucky that this is all fiction (hope so :-) - the end would definitely give some food for thought. Liked the subtle romance and the bollywood style 'coincidences' /incidental events to push the action ahead!! A thriller definitely!!                                                                                                                           -            Subasish

I got the book finally. Had little time since Diwali celebrations and kids/wife dragging me around , but whatever little I could read was spell binding , pacy and surely an indicative that your writing skills are top notch.

Whatever I read so far , I see a great potential in you .. If I felt that Chetan Bhagat could round of all his narrations , your writing style is no less , in times to come , if you pursue writing , I see a parallel and equally worthy writer in you. Chetan Bhagat watch out !!!

In the meantime would urge all those reading this post to get hold of this book .. it is a worth reading during these Diwali holidays. Strongly recommended.
        -                Vinode

Very captivating. I wouldn't compare you with Chetan Bhagat, you are definitely much better than him  . I would rather place you a just a notch below Jack Higgins.                 -              Gurtinder

A Brilliant novel. Kept me on the edge throughout. A must read. I refuse to believe this is a rookie effort.
                                                                                                                                                                                            -    Keshav

Finished the book in about four hours flat. An extremely racy plot which forces you to actually finish the book at one go. Unputdownable!! Already waiting for a sequel
                -     Ajay